Comercial DOGA sells C&G products from this unit/shop at Travessera de Gràcia no. 173 in Barcelona, which also sells accessories, spare parts and toys. Closed in July 1979.



DOGA begins business in a house at calle Alella no. 8, Barcelona. The company was initially named FAINA and its products went under the C&G brand name.



DOGA commenced its business activities in Barcelona in 1958.

It began by manufacturing windshield washer/wiper kits, later expanding into direct-current motors (for motor vehicles and industry) and the stamping of welded kits.


A nine-floor building is constructed at calle Alella no. 8. To avoid interrupting business, building takes place in two stages: firstly the part to the rear, retaining the house and, later, the part including the façade. The building has a total floor plan of 770m2.


Stage One (2,300 m2) of the current premises in Abrera. Today’s industrial estate did not yet exist, and our facilities were surrounded by vines and peach trees. The N II still ran along its former course.


Stage Two in Abrera. Extensions to the existing buildings built eight years previously and the construction of two new industrial buildings, providing a total available surface area of 7,100m2


Stage three in Abrera, with the building of an additional 5,050m2 for the stamping and welding plant


DOGA Navarra. Construction of the stamping plant in Navarra.


DOGA do Brasil. Creation of DOGA’s first production and commercial subsidiary in the Americas.

Extension to the stamping plant. DOGA now boasts buildings covering a surface area totalling 17,000 m2.


DOGA USA, broadening and reinforcing DOGA’s presence in the Americas with the creation of a new subsidiary for the distribution of the company’s product range.


DOGA Italia. Incorporation of a new branch, centralising all windshield washer production. Broadening of our product range, adding electric fans, expansion tanks and brake fluid tanks.


DOGA Nantong. Keeping on with its expanding policy, a new subsidiary in China is open, focusing on the production of wiper blades and wiper systems for bus.


Doga Opens Technical Center, the workplace for the entire section of Engineering and R & D.


DOGA PARTS was born in 2012, Aftermarket business division of DOGA


Create Joint Venture DOGA INDIA, DOGA MEXICO.