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Devoting some effort to improve our social environment has a positive impact on the people, our most valuable resource. If our environment grows, we will grow with it

Saint Jordi‘s Solidarity Campaign
Food for kids Campaign
Plastic caps solidarity Collection.
"Your phone saves lives" Campaign
Collaboration with Red Cross
Christmas Cards
Special awareness on Environment World Day


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Committed with the planet, we work towards a sustainable environment

DOGA has chosen to act respectfully towards the environment within all countries we operate, as the Company´s utmost involvement, in order to establish efficient environmental goals.






Customer satisfaction, according to Philip Kotler – “Satisfaction is a person’s feeling of pleasure or disappointment resulting from comparing a product’s perceived performance (or outcome) in relation to his experience”. 

DOGA knows the importance of ensuring a high level of customer satisfaction and this has become the main objective in all areas and departments of our company.
Working to adapt the system to international Quality Standard ISO TS 16949 and Environment ISO 14001 was the first step to start a project of constant evolution and dedication.
Achieving this objective requires a high degree of implication so we work under the Six Sigma methodology giving an extremely high importance to the concepts of quality, innovation and continuous improvement.


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