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    DOGA has gained a very interesting ATV project with the brand BRP.

    Maverick is the ATV model of the CAN-AM product line, a new model that breaks the rule book in this vehicle typology. In addition to being fully customizable with an unmistakable sporty design, it is a beast in the off-road world, perfect for mastering any obstacle without taking any shortcuts.

    DOGA has been responsible for supplying the windshield wiper and washer system for this demanding machine.

    The windshield wiper system is composed of a motor type 317 with a sweeping angle of 130 °, a 400 mm type 120.89 wiper arm, including a spray nozzle, and a 558 mm flat wiper blade type 130.

    The windscreen washer system includes a 2.1 L washer tank with a filler neck.

    The estimated production volume of the vehicle is 1,000 units per year.


    Metroshuttle is a free bus service that operates in the city center of Manchester, Bolton and Stockport, connecting the main railway stations of the city center, the parking and the Metrolink tram.


    The Metroshuttle buses are hybrid buses (diesel-electric) that are easily accessible. The interesting thing about this initiative in the city, is however that improvements have been made in the vehicles to help facilitate the bus ride for passengers with visual or auditory difficulties. For this, the buses have been equipped with new information screens for the passengers, which make the trip by bus is easier.


    DOGA has participated indirectly in this great initiative, since our customer Optare, to whom we supply the windshield wipers and the washer systems, has been in charge of providing the vehicles of the network for this service.


    We can see how new technologies adapt to the benefit of people, an example of which, is the improvements introduced in the Metroshuttle service in Manchester.

    It would be ideal if the different bus operators followed this type of project as an example for their future improvement.

  • byd 

    2016 WITH BYD

    BYD, Chinese bus manufacturer, is the global leader in 0-emission electric vehicles.

    2016 was a great year for our collaboration with BYD. We have carried out 5 projects that forge a strong commercial link between our companies.

    These projects, of great magnitude and influence at international level, have materialized in the vehicle models C6, K9UB, K7U, K9FA, K9DA, in which we have supplied the windshield wipers systems.

    For us, it is gratifying to collaborate with companies dedicated to the development of electric vehicles, who are technology oriented with a future perspective.



    DOGA is proud to announce that our customer Hidromek has won the “Special Mention” award in the “Excellent Product Design” category, with its new HMK 600 Motor Grader in the GERMAN DESIGN AWARD 2017. In this renowned competition, organized annually by the Council German Design, only candidates meeting the strict quality criteria required by the jury, can participate. With this award, Hidromek has once again successfully demonstrated innovation in design.


    DOGA participated by supplying 6 windshield wiper systems for the award-winning machine, fitting it with a front system, two lower side systems, two systems in each door, and a rear wiper system. The machine is also fitted with a DOGA washer system, entrusting us with the entire cleaning of the screens of the vehicle.


    Hidromek is a well-known maker of construction machinery from Turkey, in the process of expanding on global level.

  • alstom-carta 




    We want to share with you the letter of recognition that the Alstom plant in Santa Perpètua de Mogoda (Barcelona, Spain) has directed towards our DOGA team, naming us as one of their ten best suppliers thanks to our involvement in the work, and especially highlighting their satisfaction with the excellent logistics performance.


    We are proud that the Alstom team is expressing their gratitude for our capacity to demonstrate continuous improvement that makes everyday tasks flow to achieve such successful results.


    We continue to advance towards the level of excellence that our clients demand.


  • case 2017 


    The company CASE, forming part of the Group CNH, has launched its new Wheel Loader G series, which includes seven models of different sizes for construction, agriculture or mass excavation work. The new G series comes with a powerful design and high work efficiency, to meet the high expectations of these demanding sectors.

    The vehicle has a large cabin with a strongly curved windscreen, designed for providing an excellent 360° view. This kind of windshield requires an appropriate wiper system, adapted to the shape of the cabin.

    At DOGA we have been able to supply the necessary windshield wiper system, to satisfy the specific requirements of the customer. The system consists of a new 349 CWS motor assembly group, a 850mm, type 128.39 parallel wiper arm, and a 800mm type 136 wiper blade.

    The annual production of the vehicle will be 3.500 units; its production sites are in the USA and Italy.

  • kochi 


    Alstom India has been awarded a contract from Delhi Metro Rail Corporation for the supply of 25 state of the art locomotives to Kochi Metro Rail Limited, Kochi City Subway in Kerala, India.

    The vehicles will be operational on the new 25.6-km underground rail network and is expected to be completed by March this year.

    Once again, DOGA has been the supplier chosen by Alstom as responsible for providing the vehicle windshield wiper and washer systems. The wiper system consists of a type 349 motor group, a 680 mm type 120.88 wiper arm and a 700 mm type 136 wiper blade. The washer tank has a capacity of 20L and includes a remote filler.

    DOGA reaffirms a privileged position in the demanding rail market including a global presence with Alstom.

  • comil 2017 


    Starting from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil with Bogota, Colombia as destination, Express International SA Ormeño has introduced a new regular bus line that will run twice a month with about 3,600 passengers a year, becoming thus The Longest Bus Route in the World with a total of 15,000 Km each route, 30,000 Km per month.

    The bus in charge of the route has been manufactured by the company COMIL, a DOGA customer since 2002. Comil has successfully come through the first month of the trip. The vehicle has faced heat, humidity, rain, desert, wind, snow and all the inconveniences of a 30,000 Km road trip.

    This curious project is not only a test of fire for the bus, our windshield wiper equipment has also faced difficult weather conditions on each trip, achieving its maximum performance as well as a satisfactory result.

    The panoramic windshield wiper system supplied to Comil is composed of a 259 motor, two arms type 120.67 of length 750 mm and two wiper blades 136 of length 900 mm.


  • indcar 


    On January 18th, the magazine “Viajeros” awarded the model INDCAR Next L7 the prize for Microbus of the Year 2017 in Spain, for its ability to revolutionize the concept of the Microbus.

    This vehicle stands out for being a model of comfort for both driver and passengers, and this is the fourth award in 6 years given to INDCAR by the magazine, making it the most awarded company in its category.

    At DOGA we are proud to be part of this project as supplier of the vehicle's windshield wiper and washer system.

    The wiper system of the vehicle is a panoramic system composed of a 259 motor, 2 arms type 120.32 of length 800 mm and 750 mm and 2 wiper blades 136 of length 1000 mm. The washer system consists of a 8.7 L washer tank which includes the filler neck.

  • polaris 


    Polaris has developed a division of electric vehicles, POLARIS GEM (Global Electric Motorcar), aiming at the sustainable energy project.


    This new range is made up of low cost vehicles with high efficiency and easy maintenance that also offers many options of personification in the choice of the number of passenger seats. There are 2 versions of the vehicle: one for the USA and another with a slight displacement of the steering wheel for drivers in Europe.


    DOGA has succeeded to enter with our full product range. In this case, DOGA supplies for the model POLARIS GEM E2 the windshield wiper system consisting of a motor 315, an arm 125 of length 500mm and a wiper blade 136 of length 500 mm.


    The washer system includes a 1L washer tank along with all the accessories.


    DOGA has also provided the window lifters and the rear-view mirrors.


    The estimated production volume of the vehicle is 2,500 units per year.

  • fuelfree 


    Nowadays the automotive manufacturers are focusing, increasingly, in electric vehicles to ensure better conservation of the environment.

    Malaysia Sync R&D have been one of the pioneering companies in achieving the EB1M project, to produce a 100% Electric Bus.

    In our case, DOGA manufacturers and supplies the windshield wiper for the development of this urban bus.

    The wiper is a parallel type and it’s composed of a 319 motor, two arms  127.09 of 800 mm and two 133 wiper blades of 700 mm.

    The expected volume per year is 50 units with good growth opportunities in the future.

  • BAUMA2017 


    Once again DOGA has participated in a new edition of the Bauma China trade show in Shanghai, where we for a week have lived together with the best companies and professionals related to the construction sector.


    The DOGA products are not only visible in our own booth, as we gain business in China our product gains visibility in the machinery of the most important constructors participating in the fair.


    Due to its gigantic dimensions, we want to highlight two machines that install DOGA windshield wipers, the Crawler Crane SANY SCC6500A, with a nominal lifting capacity of 650 tons, and the XCMG XE3000 mining excavator, with a maximum weight of 285 tons.


    The trade shows are a powerful showcase, not only for our participation in them, but also for our presence through the business won in the vehicles of our customers.

  • manitou 


    The Manitou group have presented their new range of telescopic forklifts NewAg destined for the Agriculture market.

    In order to offer a range adaptable to all its customers, the Manitou group have different cabin options, luxury (premium) and standard (medium). DOGA developed the windshield wipers for both cabins.

    The two options use a wiper system with a motor 258, a 900 mm pantographic arm 128.27, and a 1300 mm wiper blade 136, which in the Premium option is complemented with a 240 mm auxiliary arm, 120.79, and a 240 mm wiper blade 134.

    Optionally, both cabins mount a lateral system with motor 317, a 675 mm arm 125.22 and a 500 mm flex wiper blade.

    NewAg has been the answer to both current and future requirements of the farmers.

  • adient 


    DOGA has received the Silver Award as supplier of the year during the celebration of the Annual Awards held by our customer Adient Ltd. (formerly Johnson Controls).

    Adient is a spin-off of the Johnson Controls holding company and promotes seats and vehicle interiors for the automotive market. DOGA collaborates in the process of developing this product, supplying stamping parts for the automotive seats.
    DOGA is pleased to be recognized by one of our most important customers worldwide within stamping, thanks to the great work and dedication towards the efficient management of the account by the entire DOGA stamping team.
    The relationship with Adient started for DOGA initially through the company Keiper GmbH, which was later acquired by Johnson Controls. With the new business assigned to DOGA by Adient, the turnover will increased by more than 500% through 2018.
    We hope to continue our successful cooperation in the future and continue to provide Adient Ltd. with specific product solutions and exemplary service from our team.
  • emehari web 


    The new E-Méhari Citroën has adapted to changing times, 100% electric and a much more minimalist style with a more casual look oriented to beach spirit.

    Citroën has designed this vehicle in collaboration with the Bluecar company of the Bolloré group, who currently is a DOGA customer.

    In this case, DOGA will provide the complete wiper and washer system consisting of the following components:

    317 motor, arm 125.89 of length 440 mm, a 410 mm wiper blade, a washer tank of 2L. and an expansion tank of 1.2 L., which function is cooling the electrical circuit for the heating system.

    The car will be available on the market this spring and the production figures will be 2.000 units per year.